Mubarak Gives Egyptians What They Want.

Posted: February 11, 2011 by Zeddington in Middle East
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Former Egyptian Dictator / Honcho-in-Chief gave the Egyptians what they’ve been asking for today, announcing his resignation from office after 30 years. In fact the news was not announced by him, but rather his Vice-President Omar Suleiman. Mubarak himself, meanwhile, had already disappeared, too cowardly to face the nation one last time after the insult that he delivered to them the night before.


Power has been handed over to the military, and we’ll talk about that in a second. Firstly, this is a great victory for all Egyptians. Young and old, rich and poor, they were part of a historic movement, one that will not be forgotten. The timeline of this movement is remarkable; it continued to pick up steam despite the efforts of the Mubarak government, the police, Saudi Arabia, and others. The Egyptian people were out there every day, at Tahrir Square most famously, but also at Alexandria, Suez, and other cities.


January 25th was the official ‘starting date’ of the revolution. Police soon clashed with protesters, using tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets on the unarmed civilians. Realizing that the movement was being driven by telephones and the internet, the government cut all communications, in an attempt to destroy the means of organizing. It didn’t work. When the police disappeared, the Egyptian people knew that victory was only a matter of time. They now owned the streets; the whole of Egypt would soon be theirs.


Last night, after 17 days of protests, news emerged that Mubarak would soon announce his resignation on TV. The crowds gathered; they waited, anticipating victory. And finally, after hours, he spoke. And the people were furious; this old man, after 30 years in power, still refused to let go! He refused to step down! He told more broken promises – about reform, about changes – and uttered more empty words. Words the Egyptian people have heard again and again.


If Mubarak expected a positive reaction, then he will have been surprised.


And so today, after 18 days of nonviolent revolution, Mubarak scurried away like a coward. 18 days of popular dissent, up nonviolent uprising, and a brutal dictator of 30 years was sent scurrying away, his tail between his legs. He will probably end up in Saudi Arabia, or some other such place, and live out the rest of his days in a palace. But he will be a broken man, because after 30 years, he lost. Hosni Mubarak, you have been consigned to the trash can of history. Unloved, unwanted, and despite all your power and stolen riches, your end has inevitably come. Goodbye.


This may be the end for Mubarak, but it cannot be the end for the revolution. Mubarak may be out, but the regime is still there. The political structures remain in place. The economy is still the same as it was last week, and Mubarak’s cronies – none bigger than Vice President Omar Suleiman – remain in place. International political interests in the country have not changed overnight, so do not expect the powers that be to drop their interests in the country and hail democracy and the power of the people.


This is just the start. the Egyptian people will now need to fight tooth and nail not to remove the already rotting corpse of a corrupt dictator, but to continue on their path to liberation. A new political system must be put in place, one that guarantees free and fair elections, representation for all. The economy must be returned to the Egyptian people. It is they who have caused this revolution, it is they who own the country, and it must be returned to them.


Have a good day.



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