A Word on Libyan Diplomat ‘Defectors’

Posted: February 24, 2011 by Zeddington in Egypt, Libya, Middle East
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A quick word on the Libyan diplomats who have defected. Some are saying they never served Gaddafi or the regime, they always served the Libyan people.

The best way they could have possibly served the people in their times would have been to resign.

It’s helpful that they’re defecting, as it undermines his mad regime, and draws power away from him. However, we should not applaud them. Bravery? What bravery? They’ve sensed the winds changing, and they’re trying to get onto the right side of history. They’re trying to avoid prosecution for their role in the continuation of that mad dog’s regime. Their roles should be examined, and they should be dealt with accordingly. I’m not talking about the soldiers, pilots, and others who refuse to shoot at the Libyan people – they should be applauded. They are every day people with a sense of morality, willing to accept the consequences if they must. They should be applauded and protected. But the ambassadors, high-level diplomats who’ve been protected and given a comfortable life thanks to the brutality of the Gaddafi regime should not be able to escape so easily.


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